Book Review

The Real Estate Investor’s Tax Edge – JK Lasser

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Amazon Reviewer

We recently bought a second home where we will eventually retire that is currently used as a short term rental.
This book by far was the easiest to understand and most thorough regarding tax topics such as depreciation and second home vs investment property. Don’t let the title put you off. The Real Estate Investor’s Tax Edge is a great resource whether you’re just planning to buy one property or make a killing in real estate.


Ricky M. Payne (LAS VEGAS, NV, US)

I thought I could learn something from this book. I was wrong, I learned a lot. If you won rental property, it’s a must!


Amazon Reviewer

Good book. Concepts are well explained and also addresses some of the less known facets of real estate investment…land trusts, IRA for real estate, etc.


Amazon Reviewer

This is the best real estate investor’s book I have read. This book is written with simplicity and I was able to understand. Praise God!