Tax Coaching vs Tax Filing

Are you confident you’re taking advantage of every tax break you deserve? Or do you feel like you are paying more than tax than your fair share? The reason you may be paying more in tax is that the advice you receive may be more geared toward tax filing and not tax coaching. With recent tax changes the importance of tax coaching has become even more paramount.

Tax Filing

Tax filing is preparing and submitting your tax return to the IRS by the deadline each year. The primary objective of tax filing is to ensure you are paying taxes legally and accurately. Do not assume that your tax preparer is recommending tax saving strategies to you or is even capable of recommending those strategies. When this is completed many taxpayers congratulate themselves on a job well done. Tax filing by itself, however, is the bare minimum a taxpayer can do.

Tax Coaching

Tax coaching is an entirely different concept where you work with your tax professional with the intent of using the tax code to your greatest advantage. Tax coaching is actively looking for opportunities to maximize deductions, credits and deferrals by using legal precedent and strategies. Tax coaching is unique to each individual and focuses their own circumstances.

Three Examples of Tax Coaching Issues

  1. Paying unnecessary self-employment tax.
  2. Maximizing the new Section 199A deduction.
  3. Incorrect tax election.

At Long Law Group we understand that proactive tax coaching is key to keeping more of what you earn. In almost all business tax returns, there are opportunities to legally reduce the tax burden. We break down your situation and uncover every available deduction, credit, and opportunity.

Ask yourself if your tax preparer has ever recommended any tax planning strategies or discussed the difference between tax preparation and tax coaching. Be proactive, you don’t have to be a corporation with deep pockets to receive the same benefits.

If you are simply filing taxes with no coaching, call our office at 720-922-1120 or email us at to schedule your tax coaching review. The difference can be remarkable.