Tax Organizer 2012

Please click the links below to download both the instructions, engagement letter and the price sheet for the 2012 tax organizer. Please note that the interactive tax organizer was custom designed for our firm and our clients. We have done our best to avoid software and other glitches, but there may be a few minor issues with the tax organizer and its interactive feature. We welcome your feedback and comments on the organizer and will ensure that any corrections are made promptly after we are notified of them.

You will need Adobe Reader 10.0 or greater (available here) to view the PDF documents below.

Please note that unless you have Adobe Acrobat Professional, you will not be able to save and email the organizer to us. You will need to print the organizer after completion (or print the pages as you go) and then mail or scan and email it to us.


  • Click here to download the 2012 engagement letter (required), instructions and price sheet.
  • Click here to download the 2012 interactive tax organizer.