Premium Registered Agent Services

Long Law Group, LLC will act as your registered agent in Colorado if your business entity meets any of the following criteria:

  1. Long Law Group, LLC created your business entity;
  2. You are creating your own entity and are seeking registered agent services;
  3. You are looking to change your current registered agent from the existing agent to a law firm.

What, exactly, is a registered agent and why do I need one?

The Colorado statutes governing the creation and operation of companies require that corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) name a person or entity to act as the contact point for the receipt of all legally operative documents and service of process. A registered agent, therefore, is a person or entity designated in the Articles of Incorporation/Organization who is designated to accept legal documents and notifications on behalf of the entity. You cannot use a PO Box for the registered agent’s address because a registered agent must be physically located at the address on record and legally able to accept service of process at the time of delivery.

Why should I choose Long Law Group, LLC to act as my company’s registered agent?

Although you are able to act as your own registered agent we recommend using our firm instead for the following reasons:

  1. All entity filings with the Secretary of State are a matter of public record and therefore your personal information (name and address) will be permanently associated with the company;
  2. The office of Long Law Group, LLC maintains regular business hours and can ensure that an individual will be available to accept service of process if and when the need arises;
  3. A registered agent will be served legal papers and using a law firm means that a licensed individual is prepared to handle the immediate situation in a responsible and appropriate manner;
  4. Using an offsite registered agent can save you from enduring a scene in which you are served legal paper in front of clients, vendors, family or neighbors;
  5. Long Law Group, LLC, as an added courtesy, will track and notify you when annual reports are due with the Secretary of State, increasing the likelihood and simplifying the process of keeping your entity in compliance with the Secretary of State.

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