Residential and Commercial Leases

When disagreements between a landlord and tenant arise, the lease is the first place everyone (including the Court) looks to determine the parties’ agreement.  The lease, therefore, is an extremely important document and the outcome of any disagreement hinges heavily on the language of the document itself.  With your investment hanging in the balance, why leave such an important document to a mentor with no legal background or worse yet, a random unknown drafter from the internet?

The attorneys at Long Law Group, LLC have reviewed, revised, and drafted commercial and residential leases of all shapes and sizes.  From options to purchase to scheduled rent increases, protections against marijuana use, and triple net structures, the attorneys have experience with getting your important requirements integrated into legally binding documents that protect your best interests.

Further, because we drafted and are familiar with your agreement if a disagreement ever arises with your tenant, we can address the situation effectively with little to no lead time.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a time to discuss your lease, give the attorneys at call at 720-922-1120 or email