When relying on a business entity for asset protection, company formalities are critically important.  Maintaining a separate business bank account, holding annual meetings of owners, maintaining compliance with Local, State, and Federal authorities- the list goes on.

What is a Business Entity Checkup?

Just like your annual physical with your doctor, a business entity checkup is an opportunity to take a step back and get a professional opinion concerning the health of your business entity.  You can schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys to review several key areas of compliance to ensure that nothing has been missed and you are on track in keeping your asset protection rock solid.

The checkup is dynamic.  Our attorneys won’t just ask questions from a predetermined list, instead our attorneys will ask questions, listen to you, respond to your concerns, and answer your questions.  Though this list is not exclusive, examples of items our attorneys will ensure you’re compliant with include:

  • The Sufficiency of Your Company’s Formation Documents
  • The History of Documentation Concerning Your Company’s Operation
  • Titling of Assets
  • Insurance Considerations
  • Treatment of Loans & Capital Contributions
  • Tax Compliance & Streamlining
  • Estate Planning & Business Succession Planning

At the end of the checkup, our attorneys will give you solid recommendations on actions that need to be taken to ensure your asset protection plan will stand the test of creditors.

Didn’t set up your entity with us?  No problem, we specialize in reviewing and reworking existing business entity structures when necessary.

Interested?  Call us at 720-922-1120 or email at info@longlg.com to set up an appointment.