Overview of IRS Penalties – Individual Income Taxes

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Written by Peter McFarland, Esq. on 10/9/2013 In 1955 there were only 14 penalties that the IRS could assess. Today, there are more than ten times that number! With this huge increase in the types of penalties the IRS can assess, clients are constantly asking what can be done to lessen the effect of these […]

Choosing a Business Entity for your Real Estate Activities

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By: Scott Estill, Esq. and Stephanie Long, Esq. There are many different business entities that a real estate investor should consider when starting their real estate company. However, there is no “one size fits all” entity for every investor. Each entity has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is only with careful planning that a […]

Understanding Your IRS Collection Notice

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  IRS collection notices can be a source of stress and sometimes even embarrassment.  Taxpayers fall behind, it happens. The problem is that when a taxpayer owes the IRS money, a flood of notices come to the mailbox and often it’s hard to tell how serious any threats found within the letters are.  Some correspondence […]