Unfortunately, many individuals will face an audit at some point during their lives. While many believe that the risk of an audit may be very low, the volume of individuals contacting our firm for assistance with audits has grown significantly throughout the last few years which may reflect a growing trend of audits originating from the IRS and state taxing authorities.

Audits can target you individually or your business. Those currently at the highest risk of audit include those who report business activity on a Schedule C, small business owners, real estate professionals, and stock market traders.

Don’t think it could happen to you? Even if these categories do not describe you, you still could be selected by the IRS’ random computerized screening. Through no fault of their own, these individuals are selected based solely on the operation of a statistical formula.

Do not proceed with the IRS on your own. If an outcome needs to be changed after the original determination, the United States Tax Court may need to review the IRS’ handling of the audit which can add significant delay and cost to obtaining a fair resolution. It would be much more economical to allow a professional assist you in getting the right outcome the first time.

Hire a professional you can trust. As experts in tax controversy, our practice consistently handles audits for individuals and all types of business. We excel at compelling the IRS to consider your back-up documentation and, where appropriate, we will fight to ensure that you will not pay the IRS one additional cent.

Want Audit Protection coverage? Take advantage of our Audit Protection Agreement.  Legal costs related to an audit can easily run several thousands of dollars or more. Should you need to appeal the first audit determination, costs continue to grow. Contact us today to ask about our Audit Protection Agreement, or click AUDIT PROTECTION for more information. Just like car or homeowner’s insurance, our Audit Protection Agreement can provide you with peace of mind. Should you be selected for an audit, you can rest assured that you will receive quality representation by Long Law Group, LLC at a greatly reduced rate. PURCHASE AUDIT PROTECTION.